Ashot Khachatourian Presentation


"Khachatourian grasped the forceful and delicate motive with differentiating feel, played magically free, competently dealing with all malicious obstacles, letting the refined work sparkle brilliantly" (Badische Zeitung)


"Ashot Khachatourian made his début in Berlin konzerthaus in 2011 -and mé had been a privileged witness of his performances, which were physically impressive due to their degree of virtuosity, as well as the power and musical inspiration           they displayed" (Berliner Zeitung)


Rachmaninoff  Piano Concerto no.2 op18

Rachmaninoff prelude no.5 op.23

Beethoven Piano Concerto no.3 op37

Bach - Siloti Prelude in b-minor

Chopin Piano Concerto no.1 op11